Since 1973, we have bred both Standard and Toy poodles on a small scale of two to three litters per year. In 1990, we decided to concentrate on our favorite size, the TOY POODLE.

We specialize in breeding lovely quality blacks and rich chocolate browns. We do like to exhibit our toy poodles at dog shows and Specialties here in Canada (Ontario) and also in the USA. The majority of our breeding stock are Canadian champion toy poodles and most are American champions also. The reason that we show our dogs is to prove to ourselves, and other toy poodle exhibitors, that our dogs are both physically sound in body and mind and are worthy of being the parents of our next generation of toy poodles. With the assistance of a "handler" who travels to shows and exhibits for us, we are able to gain these championships and also remain at home to take care of our wonderful little kids and their puppies.

Our pups are raised in our clean, warm country home with lots of love and Veterinary attention too. They are also fed top quality "puppy foods" to give them that great start in life.

All of our breeding toy poodles have been DNA tested for prcd, PRA and all are genetically Normal/Clear. All toy poodles used for breeding are Clear, including outside stud dogs that we may use in our breeding program. We are currently doing thyroid profiles on the dogs and, so far, all are within Normal range.

We have young toy poodle puppies available as loving pets/companions – these puppies are sold on CKC Non-breeding contract. Occasionally, we have a young adult toy poodle available to pet home who is housetrained and in excellent health. The age of these dogs ranges from 3-5yrs. Please contact us for more information.


See our 6 month old toy poodle puppy, "Cacey"
showing her stuff at Poodle Club Of America, 2012.

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We take tremendous pride in our breeding program and the accomplishments along the way. 
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