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When contacting us, please give us some insight into your daily lifestyle. Are you city dwellers in a house or a condo? Or maybe country folks like us?

We get very attached to our babies and only want those people to adopt them who have the time and energy to raise a young puppy into a happy, well-adjusted adult.

Poodles do require regular professional grooming and we suggest you check out the rates with your local grooming shop before you call. Daily cleaning of the poodle's teeth is also a necessary requirement to keep him/her in good health.

We do not recommend a toy poodle puppy as a young child's pet and do not place puppies in families with children under 10 years of age.

Helen M. Hamilton
E Mail: pomroth@bell.net

Please e-mail us as to availability of pups or young adults. We do not always put all that is available on the website.

All our pet pups and young adults are offered on CKC Non Breeding Contract. They are home-raised with lots of love and attention.

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any of our poodle pups or young adults to homes where we feel the dog would not adapt too well or be in an unsafe situation.

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Helen M. Hamilton
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E Mail: pomroth@bell.net
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